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Traders Fair

Traders Fair is a global series of financial events for the whole trading industry, produced by FINEXPO. Stocks, Forex, cryptocurrency, futures&options – Fantastic shows like nowhere! Traders Fairs is travelling around the world and maintain itself as a hub for traders in every country.

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About Traders Fair


Series of fantastic Traders Fairs and Gala Nights (financial events) is taking place in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore yearly attracting the world of traders to one place in one day.

You have an opportunity to meet the best trading experts as well as the best trading companies, banks, money brokers from all around the world. Top speakers are making educational speeches in the Fair seminar halls. The Fair program is full of entertainments, magic shows, lucky draws, fantastic prizes, live performances and music.

The world of cryptocurrency, forex, stocks, futures and options markets is a complex set of capital markets for each country today. At the same time, trading securities is carried out on both the exchange and over-the-counter markets. Under the confluence of favorable conditions in this system concluded deals on securities packages bring profit to its participants. Therefore you need expertize and capital to work in the stocks, futures, options and forex markets as it will become the initial ticket to the world of big trade. Participants who have capital while entering the market become investors.

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